Drip edge type 3

Karnīzes elements vai lāsenis nosedz jumta karnīzi (jumta slīpnes apakšējo horizontālo daļu) un aizsargā zem jumta pārklājuma esošo laukumu pret mitruma iekļūšanu stipru nokrišņu laikā.

Eaves element or drip edge protects the lower horizontal part of the roof slope from moisture during heavy rains or snowfall.

Drip edge also performs a decorative function and protects eaves from sewage, snow melt, directing the flow of the water to the gutter.

Installation of the drip edge is carried out on the entire length of the lower part of the roof edges. Drip edge is suitable for metal tiled roofs, soft roofing, rolling roofs and other types of roofings.

This roofing component is sometimes completely invisible as it is usually covered by the rainwater system and the roof itself.

Drip edge or eaves element is attached to the lower plank of the lathing before the roof assembly and after rainwater system hangers installation. When mounting drip edge, it is enough to have a 100 millimeter overlap between two drip edge parts. Drip edge is attached with the help of corrosion-resistant bolts or hobnails.